Pictures could never do justice to our quality
We are constantly reminded by our customers that the products we manufactured for them exceeded their expectations. Unlike some of our competitors who try to dazzle prospects with renderings, we have always chosen to show real images of real products. The innovative manufacturing processes we have invented allow us to deliver a superior product at a competitive price.

We took the high road by using more costly space-age materials for durability. The disparity in higher material cost is offset by the efficiency of our production techniques. The result is that we deliver superior products that are aesthetically pleasing and much more durable than those of any of our competitors.

"What is impossible for others is very common place for us."

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Just look what we were able to do with these vented doors!

We're light years ahead!
Our coverings are not the traditional high pressure plastic laminate used by our competitors. We have developed a special product that is twice as thick as standard laminated plastics. It requires custom designed machinery that we have developed and is fabricated to the highest tolerances.Worksurface material eliminates bumper molding This product has many times the impact resistance of standard plastic laminates and can cover free-formed surfaces that have comfort edge details. This technological advance in console furniture manufacturing eliminates the need for unsightly bumper molding or dangerous self-edging. Our products are virtually impossible to chip because the detail is totally enveloped and has no sharp edges. We also utilize this same material on our side and back panels, so our furniture has no sharp corners. All of our laminated substrates are hermetically sealed against chemical emissions and the effects of moisture and temperature. Our backing material for our worksurfaces is phenolic and has the same physical characteristics as Formica without the color coat. Americon Security and Surveillance Console Americon consoles have been designed to meet the specific requirements of a rigorous 24 x 7 environment. Special emphasis has been placed on ergonomic designs that bridge the gap between the operator and the tools that are used. Equipment accessibility and required heat dissipation have also been taken into consideration in every Americon product. Our products exceed ANSI-BIFMA safety and performance standards as established by The American National Standards Institute and The Business and Institutional Furniture Association.

Just as you would expect on the bridge of the finest yachts, we are able to create equipment turrets in our console worksurfaces that are seamlessly incorporated. Americon's space-age coverings are recyclable and carry a Greenguard Certification.

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