Flip-screen Emergency Management Furniture

Air Force Base Emergency Operation Center

Emergency management centers include fire and police dispatch centers and incident management centers. Dispatch centers can be found in local municipalities, cities, counties, states, the military and federal agencies across the United States. Fire and police dispatch centers use specialized consoles that are designed for a 24 x 7 operation. One the other hand, incident emergency operations centers are only in operation during disasters that impact regions like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and acts of terrorism. These emergency operation  centers (EOC) have to be equipped to aid in a coordinated response from a number of agencies that are impacted by the incident. This place is the focal point for managing activities that occur during an event. Emergency operations centers need to be designed with furniture that enhances line-of-site communication between the participants to facilitate the solving of mission-critical problems.

Communicator Flip-screen Furniture The success of each of these activities is directly related to planning the space correctly and having the right equipment.  Americon’s “Communicator” flip-screen furniture fills the bill and has become the paradigm for emergency operations centers.

The flip-screen is in a well when open that lowers the top of the monitor to a mere 12″ above the work surface. When closed, the standard conference table application insures that people can converse without distraction. Communicator Flip Screen Furniture

It is important to design an EOC to be flexible in configuration. Communicator furniture is modular and can be reconfigured on the fly to go from conference room to war room or a training room.

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