Dispatch Center Furniture

Arcadia2Shedding old paradigms

Americon’s customizable dispatch center furniture has all of the ergonomic features to make a dispatch center call taker’s work less stressfully, safer and more efficient. It’s obvious each dispatch center has its own idiosyncrasies. It’s also obvious that no two individuals are exactly alike, so we offer many styles and options to satisfy individual needs. Integrated accessories that make your life easier like a Personal Workspace Manager, storage or one of our  ergonomic lift systems for sit-to-stand operation.  All of Americon’s dispatch center consoles accept monitor arms and are capable of storing CPUs. When you buy from Americon, you don’t have to settle for prefabricated table systems that limit your options when you can custom design your own dispatch center furniture.

We just build the better

The unique material we use in manufacturing  all of our dispatch furniture makes our  products more durable and longer lasting than any other dispatch console furniture on the market. No unsightly  bumper molding or laminate tapes that are define all of our competitors.. We eliminate sharp corners in impact areas in all of our designs which creates a much safer product that is also more durable.

Our knowledgeable dispatch furniture designs, show our ability to think outside of the box and consider many factors when it comes to our furniture design. For example appearance, arm’s reach, usable workspace, storage, sound suppression and many other creature comfort options that allow the operator to work more comfortably and efficiently are considered.

Factors wDispatch Workstatione use in designing a dispatch workspace environment:

  • Ample work space and plenty of leg room
  • Fully adjustable monitor’s
  • Plenty of personal storage
  • Correct placement of keyboards directly in front of the monitors
  • Fast and easy transition from sitting to standing
  • Easy access to phones, stored hardware and cables
  • Comfortable personal cooling and heating
  • Sound abatement
  • Comfortable, adjustable chair designated for 24/7 use