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Is your marketshare going up?
In the business world, successful people and businesses alike need a gimmick. It is important to create distance between yourself and your competitors. Some become experts in their fields and others offer quality products and services that are not easily found elsewhere. The ultimate goal is to become an Icon of your field of expertise. At Americon, we have always gone the extra mile to be the best in the vertical markets we are in.
Our Keys to Success
  • We have always developed materials that set us apart in durability and appearance.
  • We have also invented machinery that saves us money through efficiency so that our cost of manufacturing is low enough to supply superior products at competitive prices.
  • Verticality I feel it is important. Choosing markets that have very few competitors increases your success rate.
  • Next it is time to identify the type and amount of equipment used by each individual.
Companies spend most of their money marketing and finding business. The results of these efforts are extremely precious. Finding the business and many times developing a need must be protected. If you are in a highly competitive expanding market, the metrics show that the incidents of success are very low. There is nothing worse that expending a lot of money and time, only to fall victim to a RFQ that is broadcast to hundreds of competitors with similar products. For that reason, we have always picked vertical markets that fill very small niches. As a furniture manufacturer, we could never compete with the “Steelcases” of the world in selling desks; so, we picked markets that are too small for these types of manufacturers to invade successfully. Consequently, we have provided uniquely designed, function-based furniture for dispatch centers, traffic management centers, computer control centers and emergency management centers.
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