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OMNI Command and Control Consoles

Omni Series consoles are appropriately named as a universal solution for many environments. Variations can be found in command centers, process control rooms, fire and police dispatch, security, surveliiance and emergency management centers. The addition of slatwalls and monitor arms are very important options for gaining valuable workspace. For some, the sit/stand options we have relieves the tension that comes from sitting at dispatch consoles. These options are particularly useful in dispatch centers where being stationary at a workstation for long periods is often necessary. This is particularly useful in dispatch centers.
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Dispatch Consoles
The Omni Series is the flagship product for Americon's console furniture business. It can be configured as a linear console or as a cockpit-style angular workstation. The Omni can also be configured to create concentric arcs without the need for additional angular sections. All versions include enclosed CPU storage compartments and an integrated cable management system. There are many options that are available to personalize the OMNI Series for you.

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