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Helping 911 Call Centers

We all know about the 911 overload that these agencies are experiencing. Many new programs are being developed and some have been implemented to help reduce this overload of calls. For example, calls that are related to the highways are routed to the CHP centers.

We are seeing an increase because cell phones have become our primary use to communicate. This puts added pressure on the 911 call centers to be more efficient.

Finding a solution isn’t easy and one specific area that is corrected cannot alone solve the overload problem. One efficient way to address the problem is having functional furniture that meets the needs for today’s 911 call centers.  Americon’s furniture division, Workstations-USA, designed functional furniture that can be configured in a crosstalk “L” shaped workstations. These low profile calltaker workstations offer privacy and storage of a cubicle-style system, giving the worker full sight of their surroundings. This can be critical when a call is received and the operator requires assistance from their supervisor.

A very important issue is that when necessary, the supervisor must be able to listen to what is being said on the phone in a noisy environment. Americon always puts a set of headphone jacks in a strategic spot on the console so that the supervisor can plug in and listen to the conversation while looking directly at the responder.

Another issue is the placement of equipment. The responder’s main tools are monitors, telephones and radios. Sitting in front of a monitor for long periods of time without being able to key into the keyboard sitting directly in front of the screen is an ergonomic nightmare. So, the ability to range without obstructions caused by CPU storage is a must.

Productive Workstation

Productive Workstation

Finally, responders are in an intense environment for many hours at a time. The nature of their duties requires that they have a really good, fully-adjustable chair and a workstation that allows them to transition seamlessly from sit to stand without skipping a beat.

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