Bill Farah President of Americon

Flip Panel FurnitureConsole Manufacturer and  AV Integrator -Multiple Disciplines

The secret  to our success is our unique capabilities in design, control room furniture and dispatch console manufacturing, and Audio-visual Integration. All of our departments collaborate on each project, which allows them to  discuss cause and effect issues face to face. Our turnkey control center approach speeds the process tremendously, circumventing many of the hurdles that accompany the finger-pointing that usually accompanies multiple contractor projects. When you engage Americon, your life gets easier. Our seven lines of furniture meet the needs of control rooms, emergency management centers, police and fire dispatch centers, surveillance and security operations and call centers. When you take our free survey on the side of this page, our team becomes yours.


Security FurnitureFocus on Emergency Management

Since 9/11, a greater focus on emergency management has emerged committing more resources towards domestic preparedness and security. Each environment has addressable needs and Americon is at the forefront in bringing home high tech cost-effective solutions. Clearly, the escalating acts of terrorism inside our borders, and uncontrollable natural disasters like earthquakes and weather events, have exposed our vulnerabilities. So, Americon satisfies the command and control center and emergency management  needs of national and multi-national corporations in all walks of life, the military, and state, local and federal agencies. We do this with ergonomic console furniture manufacturing, audiovisual integration  and design and space planning and has been so for almost four decades.


Watch an Important Interview

The late secretary of state, Alexander Haig, interviewed Americon’s president, Bill Farah, on national television to discuss the way forward in emergency operation control center design and implementation using a turnkey approach.

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